British National Championships

There has been some confusion this year determining the champions. Here are the results as published in the November - December issue of Microlight Flying.

Class A (solo aircraft)

1st Richard Rawes 28
2nd John Holloway 27
3rd Ken Emery 21

Class B (two seat two crew)

1st Simon Baker / Anita Holmes 30
2nd Colin Bodil / Paul Boultby 16
3rd Peter Thomas / Andy Mcdermid 12

Complaints were made about the method of scoring and achieving these results so various other alternatives were considered. At the AGM the Cups were awarded to John Holloway (posthumously) in Class A and Colin Bodil in Class B.

Ince Blundell - Round 6

We're sorry to say that we didn't make it to this new venue this year. Hopefully John North will be able to spring his bag of tricks on the competitors next year. The timing of the event was unfortunate as all planes belonging to the British Team members were still in a container homeward bound from Durban. On the day previous, we had all gathered at Egginton to pay our last respects to a much loved and respected colleague, Mr John Holloway.

Sutton Meadow Results - Round 5


1st D Seath 2nd J Madhuani 3rd M Gardiner

Single Seat

1st R Rawes 2nd J Holloway 3rd K Emery

Two Seat

1st D Hadley 2nd G Hodgson 3rd P Thomas

I was not able to attend this competition as the Quantum was packed up in a container bound for South Africa. Even though three members of the British team were able to borrow planes and compete, the overall numbers were very small which was such a shame for Peter Robinson and club members after all their work. By winning the single seat class, Richard Rawes proved that a 2 stroke engine still has a chance against the usually dominant 4 strokes. Similarly in the two seat class, for the first time this year the 4 stroke was beaten. Congratulations to David Hadley for this win in his first season of competition.

Rufforth - Round 4

Unfortunately for the competitors, and all the club members who put so much preparation into this event, the weather decided to blow and blow and blew us all home.

Sittles Results - Round 3


1st Simon Marshall 2nd Mick New 3rd Chris Ashley

Single Seat

1st John Holloway 2000 points 2nd Richard Rawes 1413 3rd Rob Keene 1362

Two Seat

1st Simon Baker 2000 points 2nd Eddie Clapham 1772 3rd Jeromy Hucker 1747

The Midlands Microlight Flying Club (holders of the trophy for most successful competition organisers 1995) are famous for their hospitality, and lived up to their reputation again last weekend, (25th & 26th May) as hosts of Round 3 of the British National Microlight Championships. Mr Tony Birch was again tournament director, and always relishes his duel of wits with the competitors. He has practised his skills this year at Swansea in Round 2 and had a testing set of tasks awaiting the flyers this time. The weather also played its part and allowed a very satisfying days flying on the Saturday in the most vivid, crystal clear visibility. An unstable 15 - 20 knot westerly airflow kept the trike pilots busy and the large dark shower/storm on track which we seemed to be flying towards for what seemed like ages, just managed to skirt the course. Proceedings were unfortunately called to a halt on Sunday morning with the arrival of a warm occluded front and strong winds.

Special assistance was available for the entrants in the novice class, which Tony has played such a large part in introducing to this year's competitions. Was it local knowledge then, that assisted Simon Marshall to a win in this class at his first competiton?

Swansea Results - Round 2

Single Seat

1st Ken Emery 2nd Dave Ross 3rd John Holloway

Two Seat

1st Simon Baker 2nd Colin Bodell 3rd Dick Hall

On its first competition entry, the Pegasus Quantum 912 proved the most reliable and best allrounder by winning the 2nd round of the British National Championships at Swansea. Its top speed is higher than the 582, climb rate is stupendous and it feels very solid and flies beautifully. A newcomer also scored in the single seat class, where Ken Emery won, at his first attempt in his new Chaser.

Davidstow Results - Round 1


1st I Barlow 2nd D Seath 3rd G Salter

Single Seat

1st Richard Rawes 2nd Dave Ross 3rd John Holloway

Two Seat

1st Simon Baker 2nd Peter Woodliffe-Thomas 3rd Tim Guest

Easter 96. Ian Stokes and crew prepared another challenging weekend's tasks for the competitors who travelled to this far distant and picturesque part of Cornwall. It would've been a lovely flight to Dunkeswell on the first morning if we had been able to see anything! Low cloud and bad vis made the task a difficult enough navigation exercise, without finding waypoints, hidden markers and arriving on time as well. Ever heard of Exeter Mike? Before allowing us to take of on the next day, we had to answer 5 "simple" air law questions (while the clock was on us). Many thanks to Tony Birch for lending his Alpha 582 - it flys like a goodun.

1st July 1996

Team selection has been finalised for the World Championships in South Africa and the aircraft are travelling at present via container, to Durban. Competitors are - Richard Rawes, Nigel Beale, John Holloway and Rob Keene in the solo flexwings. Two Seat flexwing pilots are Simon Baker, Jeremy Hucker and Colin Bodell, while the sole Fixed Wing contingent is reresented by Eddie Clapham and Bill Moodie. Any late sponsorship or assistance would be gratefully received and Ian Stokes, the Team Manager can be contacted on 0184 213844.

World Championship Results

Cato Ridge, Durban, South Africa 1996

Weight-Shift Two Seater Class

1st Simon Baker / Anita Holmes (UK)
2nd Jamie Mathewson / C Pote (South Africa)
3rd M Novotnoy / T Svarovsky (Czech Republic)

Weight-Shift Single Seater Class

1st G Rabnecz (Hungary)
2nd Rob Keene (UK)
3rd E Thuroczy (Hungary)

Fixed Wing Two Seater Class

1st Philip Zen / R Sategna (France)
2nd E Sauzede / M Sauzede (France)
3rd Eddie Clapham / Bill Moodey (UK)

Team Results

1st UK 16,380
2nd RSA 16,299
3rd France 16,036

Last update 12th December 1996

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